Biomedical engineering conference 2016

After powering the Singapore FinTech Festival last month, we are now proud to announce that is driving the 16th International Conference on Bioclinical Engineering (ICBME) hosted in Singapore. This conference is jointly organised by the Department of Biodesign, National University of Singapore and the Bioclinical Engineering Society (Singapore). In the past, ICBME series of conferences were effective in attracting around 700 participants from over 30 countries. The 1sixth edition of ICBME is held from 7th to 10th of December 2016 at the National College of Singapore.

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ICBME DAY 1- 7th of December

The event kicked off with 2 plenary lectures (1 and also 2) by Bernat Soria from Andalusian Center for Molecular Biology and also Regenerative Medicine (CABIMER), Seville, Spain and Yonggang Huang from Northwestern University, Illinois, USA and some concurrent sessions as well. In plenary lecture 1, Soria talked around the cell treatment of diabetes mellitus and also its complications. In plenary lecture 2, Huang called for a conversation about the topic of bio-included and bio-influenced stretchable electronic devices. At the finish of day 1, a welcome reception was organised to complete off the day in beauty.

ICBME DAY 2- 8th of December

Day 2 observed one more 2 plenary lectures (3 and also 4) occurring in Auditorium 2. Professor Rui L. Reis from the University of Minho in Portugal talked about the recent advances on nature motivated tproblem design philosophies for the rebirth of different tissues. Plenary lecture 4 was presented by Professor Luke Pyung-Se Lee that joined NUS in 2016 as Director of the Biomedical Institute of Global Healthcare Research and Technology (BIGHEART) and also appointed as Associate President (Internationwide Research and Innovation) in the Office of Deputy President (Research and also Technology). His aim was to show exactly how to address the world’s healthcare crisis and the standard difficulties of existing medicine in a grain of iSAND (integrative Science, Arts, Nanomedication, and Digital technology), and also discover solutions in nature for preventative medicine and healthy and balanced setting.

ICBME DAY 3- nine of December

Plenary 5 and 6 is taking place on day 3 of the event. Professor David Weitz at the Harvard College will be pointing out the topic roughly “Droplets micro fluids for single cell studies” and also Professor John Pauly at the Stanford College will certainly tackle the worry of making the MRI safe for patients that have implanted tools. Judging proceeds for the ICBME Young Investigator Award 2016 and BES-SEC Deauthorize Award 2016 and the winner and also runner-up will certainly be announced tomorrow during the Awards Presentation. Towards the end of day 3, a Gala Dinner will be held at the Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay utilizing’s ticketing device.

 ICBME DAY 4- 10th of December

Tomorrow will be the last day of the 1sixth ICBME series and also plenary lecture 7 will be offered by Lawrence Ho from National University Health System revolving about the topic of innovation in clinical modern technology. Mr Ho claims that the last century observed the civilization being transformed through huge exploration and also sharing of brand-new knowledge. So according to him, this century is most likely to watch just how the brand-new understanding have the right to be effectively utilised to produce new worths and also sustain the transdevelopmental process. In this lecture, Mr Ho will share his personal journey and also talk about 3occurring modern technologies all the means from need (issue) to affect. Tbelow will be a closing ceremony and Awards Presentation to finish off the 16th ICBME series.

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Carrying through our motto of wowing our attendees, the team provided:

4 counters, direct printing from laptopCertificate of attendance- all delegates have the right to gain one printing of the certificate totally free of charge. We are just altering the theme from small size to A4 dimension.

Check out the conference programme for even more details. 

So just how does ensure the success of these occasions at a 4-days conference?

Onsite registration and Check-in

When it comes to the event onwebsite procedure, learning your venue is crucial. Once the team kbrand-new which location was schosen for the conference, we executed a arrangement to totally utilize the area provided to encertain a seamless onwebsite check-in experience for all the 624 registered attendees. As additionally believes in going papermuch less, attendees were provided QR codes to check-in at the occasion. These QR codes act as trackers for occasion organizers and exhibitors to understand wbelow each attendee has been. We are additionally offering personalised name badges to serve as icebreakers at the occasions, for this reason producing a comfortable netfunctioning atmosphere for the attendees.

Handling onwebsite registrations, check-ins, and badge printing in the previous deserve to be rather the hassle for event organizers without appropriate event modern technology, having to pre-print badges beforehand also to shorten queue times and having to sift via massive piles of badges during the occasion to find the best ones once attendees checked-in. However before, through every little thing in the cloud, all an attendee has to execute at a self-help kiosk is to:

Sdeserve to the QR code to check-inWait for the badge to be printedCollect the name badgeEnjoy

The Onsite application is able to pull the indevelopment from the cloud almost instantly, shortening queue times tremendously and releasing manpower to emphasis on various other aspects of the occasion endure. As the application is able to pull indevelopment from the main database, the event planners were able to personalize messages for various kinds of attendees ahead of time. Personalization creates a feeling of belonging within attendees – and this is essential to any type of true event experience.

At, we strive to evolve in occasion innovation to support and also carry out new ways for event planners to wow their attendees. We administer the suite of tools for you as an event organizer or occasion marketer to very own your event and also drive the attendance you want. Our team feel a great feeling of accomplishment discovering that has actually supported some of the major events across ASIA (Singapore, Myanmar and China) throughout the year. However, we execute recognize that it’s a lengthy and difficult road down tright here and also we still have actually a lot to attain.

2017 will be a very exciting year for us as we will certainly undergo some few changes. Make sure you men remain constantly associated to understand what the household is up to!