Bioenvironmental Engineering Air Force Salary

We go to extraplain procedures to safeguard our Airmen from ecological perils and infractions. Applying engineering and clinical principles, Bioenvironmental Engineers identify and evaluate potential threats and develop programs to prevent illness and injury. With an emphasis on discovering problems before they take place, these experts encertain the wellness and safety of Airguys and their family members in settings everywhere the civilization.

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Ensure a safe and also healthy and balanced worklocation for Airmales via applied understanding of design and also sciences Provide essential information essential for decision-making in areas involving tools units and also associate processes, framework and also chemical, organic and also radiological problems Advise command and also staff agencies on operational threat management Perform a variety of everyday duties, including health-threat assessments, chemical, organic and radiological identification and also regulate and modernizing wellness infrastructure


Completion of qualifying Bioeco-friendly Engineering courseMinimum of 24 months of experience in bioenvironmental engineering assignmentsCompletion of 5.5-week Commissioned Officer training courseMust be between the ages of 18 and 41


How do we transcreate you from the civilian sector to a leader and an Officer in the Air Force? From education and learning to ongoing training, your Air Force course is right here.


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