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Is tright here an expandable that will certainly job-related through a 55 pound bow? I have actually always shot fixed blade heads. Is my draw weight as well low to also consider utilizing expandable heads. Thanks.
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I shoot and have had actually very excellent outcomes via NAP Spitfire mechanicals. They are not super wide and also blow through deer and also tursecrets through my setup. If you use a heavier arrowhead and save your shots reasonably cshed, I don"t view why you cannot use one of the smaller reduced mechanicals......although you will obtain much better penetration at your poundage through a fixed.

I would add draw length into the equation likewise yet I would stick via addressed also. This is the first in a lengthy time that I will certainly be using a resolved broadhead myself. I will certainly be shooting around the exact same weight as you.
Depends on your DL and also arrow weight and also rate. I shoot 60# at 30" draw with a 430 grain arrow since 2016 and Rage Hypodermics have never before failed me. I have actually been even more effective after dropping from 70# to 60#. 1) I am not over-bowed anymore. 2) I am even more cognizant of my set up, so I am more selective in regards to shooting avenues.

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If you really desire a mechanical simply make certain the reduced diameter is tiny more than likely under 1.5". I would certainly stick with solved chisels though. I don"t also understand if you deserve to uncover a mechanical under 1.5"
The Rage +P works well with the 1.5 width and also swept ago blade angles provided you don’t work out for manufacturing facility sharpness. Don’t obtain stuck on the poundage, it doesn’t say a lot, arrow weight and rate is a far better predictor of performance. After many type of years of hunting I pretty much know what 425gr arrows perform at various speeds.
With that attract weight I would remain through fixed. No issue what your arrow weighs or draw length. Plus it’ll be super straightforward to tune because I would certainly imagine your arrows are going a lot over 250-280. Sent from my iPhone utilizing Tapatalk
We still have to recognize the Op"s Draw length and also arrowhead weight to have actually enough indevelopment to market an informed decision. Example, If the op had actually a 32" DL with a 480 grain arrowhead I would feel comfortable recommending a few mechanical wide heads.On the other hand we were looking at a 24" DL via a 350 grain arrowhead or much less addressed blade Cut On Contact might be the just choice I could recommfinish.
What are you hunting?What ranges will you be shooting?My regime 6 at 28” attract, 57 lbs through vaps at 398 grains, easily kills my mule deer at 53 yards and also moose at 48, elk at 35. I’m utilizing 3 blade rage. Rage does make a low ke head that a female frifinish supplies at much less than 50 lbs and blows with her deer
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I have shot the original rocket steelhead, rage +p, and nap spitfire with a 400- 450 grain arrow at draw weights of 50-54 lbs and harvested a number of deer (roughly 10-12) via that setup. Never had actually a problem and many shots have actually been pass with. I limit my shots to 30 yards max and also only 1 of those deer were over 25 yards.
I would stay through a solved, but if you carry out desire to shoot a mech then go via somepoint that is a "slip cam" style to open up. I feel the heads that fold open up are not as efficient.
draw size and also rate matters even more than poundage.I bet at 55# and 30" DL a PSE expedite or complete throttle would certainly blow 90% of the 70# rigs human being post on right here ameans... with both hefty and also light arrows...
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