Ap physics calculator policy

Only certain kinds and brands of calculators are allowed. Scroll down this page to see the list of apconfirmed graphing calculators and the list of unacceptable calculators. The proctor will examine all calculators prior to the exam starts.You deserve to lug up to 2 allowed calculators to the exam. Be certain to lug calculators that you’re familiar via and that are in excellent working order.You don’t have to clear your calculators’ memories prior to or after the exam.

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Exam day rules:

You can’t share calculators via other exam takers.You can’t use your calculator to communicate via other calculators.You can’t usage calculator memories to take test products out of the room. If you attempt to take test products out of the room by any strategy, your scores will certainly be canceled.If you don’t want to usage a calculator, you might take an exam without one. However, if you choose to take an exam without a calculator, you have to hand copy, day, and sign a Calculator Release Statement on exam day, which will be gave by your AP coordinator or proctor.

Courses and Calculator Use (2021 AP Exams)


Type of calculator allowed

Section I Multiple Choice

Section II Free Response


Four-function calculator (through square root)Scientific (nongraphing) calculator, yet should not have unapverified features or capabilitiesGraphing calculator



Calculus AB

Graphing calculator

Required for Part B

Required for Part A

Calculus BC

Graphing calculator

Required for Part B

Required for Part A


A clinical calculator (have to not have actually unapconfirmed attributes or capabilities; check out list of unapshowed calculators and also technology) or graphing calculator are recommended; a four-feature calculator is permitted however not recommfinished.

Not Allowed


Environmental Science

Four-feature (with square root), scientific, or graphing calculator



Physics 1

Four-attribute, clinical, or graphing calculator



Physics 2

Four-feature, clinical, or graphing calculator



Physics C: Mechanics

Four-function, clinical, or graphing calculator



Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism

Four-attribute, scientific, or graphing calculator




Graphing calculator via statistical capabilities. Nongraphing calculators are permitted if they have actually the required statistics computational capabilities described in the AP Statistics Course and also Exam Description.



Calculators are not enabled for any type of other AP Exams, including Computer Science A, Computer Science Principles, Macrobusiness economics and Microeconomics.

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2020-21 List of Apverified Graphing Calculators

This list was updated in January 2021.


FX-6000 Series

FX-6200 Series

FX-6300 Series

FX-6500 Series

FX-7000 Series

FX-7300 Series

FX-7400 Series

FX-7500 Series

FX-7700 Series

FX-7800 Series

FX-8000 Series

FX-8500 Series

FX-8700 Series

FX-8800 Series

Graph25 Series

FX-9700 Series*

FX-9750 Series*

FX-9860 Series*

CFX-9800 Series*

CFX-9850 Series*

CFX-9950 Series*

CFX-9970 Series*

FX 1.0 Series*

FX-CG-10 *

Algebra FX 2.0 Series*

FX-CG-20 Series*


Graph35 Series*

Graph75 Series*

Graph95 Series*

Graph100 Series*

FX-CG500* (The usage of the stylus is not permitted)




HP-28 Series*


HP-39 Series*

HP-40 Series*

HP-48 Series*

HP-49 Series*

HP-50 Series*

HP Prime*

Radio Shack






EL-9200 Series*

EL-9300 Series*

EL-9600 Series* (The use of the stylus is not permitted)

EL-9900 Series*


Texas Instruments






TI-83 Plus*

TI-83 Plus Silver*

TI-84 Plus*

TI-84 Plus CE*

TI-84 Plus Silver*

TI-84 Plus C Silver*

TI-84 Plus T*

TI-84 Plus CE-T*




TI-89 Titanium*


TI-Nspire CX*

TI-Nspire CAS*

TI-Nspire CX CAS*

TI-Nspire CM-C*

TI-Nspire CM-C CAS*

TI-Nspire CX-C CAS*

TI-Nspire CX II*

TI-Nspire CX II-T*

TI-Nspire CX II CAS*

TI-Nspire CX II-T CAS*

TI-Nspire CX II-C CAS*



Datexx DS-883





*Graphing calculators with the expected built-in capabilities for AP Calculus are suggested via an asterisk. See the AP Calculus AB and also BC Course and Exam Description for details. However, students might carry any type of calculator on the list to the exam; any kind of design within each series is acceptable. Only approved graphing calculators from the list are permitted for AP Calculus Exams.

This list will certainly be updated as important to include brand-new apshowed calculators. Check this list on a regular basis before exam day to make certain you have the most up-to-day indevelopment.

This list just has apshowed graphing calculators. Tbelow is not an approved list of scientific (nongraphing) calculators.

Unacceptable Calculators and also Technology

Students are not allowed to usage any type of of the following:

Phones, smartwatches, or wearable technology of any kind of kindPortable/handorganized computer systems, tablets, laptop computers, electronic composing padsModels via QWERTY (i.e., typewriter-like) keypads as component of hardware or software (e.g., TI-92 Plus, Voyage 200)Models through pen-input/stylus capability (e.g., Palm, PDAs, Casio ClassPad)Models through wiremuch less, Bluetooth, or cellular capabilityModels that call for an electric outlet, “talk”** or make noise, or have actually a document tapeModels that have the right to access the internetModels that have cell phone capcapability or audio/video recording or playing capabilityModels that have actually a camera, scanning capability, or any type of other smartphone-type featuresModels via touch-screen capcapability that aren’t on the list of apshowed graphing calculators (e.g., Casio ClassPad)Hardware peripherals such as a stylus pen, key-board, or wireless adapter with an apverified calculator

**Unless apconfirmed by College Board’s SSD Office as an accommodation.