Ap Physics 1 Energy Test


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A force F of strength 20 N acts on an item of mass 3 kg as it moves a distance of 4 m. If F is perpendicular to the 4 m displacement, the occupational it does is equal to

2. Under the influence of a pressure, a things of mass 4 kg accelerates from 3 m/s to 6 m/s in 8 s. How much work was done on the object in the time of this time?

3. A box of mass m slides down a frictionless inclined airplane of length L and vertical elevation h. What is the change in its gravitational potential energy?

4. While a perboy lifts a book of mass 2 kg from the floor to a tabletop, 1.5 m over the floor, just how a lot work does the gravitational force do on the book?


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A block of mass 3.5 kg slides dvery own a frictionless inclined plane of size 6.4 m that renders an angle of 30° through the horizontal. If the block is released from rest at the top of the incline, what is its speed at the bottom?

6. A block of mass m slides from rest dvery own an inclined plane of length s and elevation h. If F is the magnitude of the pressure of kinetic friction acting on the block as it slides, then the kinetic power of the block once it reaches the bottom of the incline will be equal to

7. As a rock of mass 4 kg drops from the edge of a 40-meter-high cliff, it experiences air resistance, whose average toughness throughout the descent is 20 N. At what speed will the rock hit the ground?

8. An astronaut drops a rock from the height of a crater on the Moon. When the rock is halfmeans down to the bottom of the crater, its rate is what fractivity of its last affect speed?





9. A pressure of 200 N is forced to store an item sliding at a consistent speed of 2 m/s throughout a turbulent floor. How a lot power is being expended to preserve this motion?

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