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A Comparative Study of Protective Schemes for Shield Tunneling Adjacent to Pile Groups

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Advances in Civil Engineering publishes original research short articles and evaluation short articles in all areas of civil engineering. The journal welcomes subobjectives across a selection of self-controls, and also publishes both theoretical and useful research studies.

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Chief Editor, Professor Vipulanandan, is based at the College of Houston and his present research interests are in geotechnological, materials and also geoeco-friendly design.

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Investigation on Surrounding Rock Stcapacity Control Technology of High Stress Roadmeans in Steeply Dipping Coal Seam

There are a big amount of steeply dipping coal seams deposited in China, the safe and also efficient extraction of which are the difficulty for coal operators because of the facility geological features, in specific, when the underground roadmethod is excavated in the steeply dipping coal seams with restricted seam distance. The Universal Distinct Element Code (UDEC) was embraced in the current research to check out the anxiety circulation of neighboring rock of the roadmethod. Based on the numerical simulation, the damages coreliable was proposed and also then provided to classify the roof problems into 4 groups. After that, the asymmetric assistance technique was proposed and also put into handy applications. It is suggested that the tension concentration on the floor is the major feature of the extractivity of steeply dipping coal seams. Additionally, the distributions of the maximum vertical stress and anxiety and horizontal tension which are a lot various from each other largely attributed to the impact of the huge dip angle. This study additionally verified the feasibility of using the asymmetric and partition support technique to keep the integrity of the bordering rock, as from the instance study performed at the 12032 longwall coal confront of Zhongwei coal mine.