Howdy folks, first time posting on the alwaei.com here however I figured I could perhaps acquire some advice on a tiny conundrum I"m having with the Unearthed Arcana class "Artificer".

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More especially, the class attribute that is obtained at level 6: Mechanical Servant.The function permits you to develop a companion of your choice making use of the stat block of any kind of CR 2 or reduced Large Beast. The Mechanical Servant ( MS ) gains a couple of benefits from being a Construct rather of a Beast ( And the creature itself doesn"t actually HAVE to be the Beastern I pick, it just provides the stat block ) however it does not have actually any kind of expansion past its initial production ( barring any kind of wondrous items, pet barding or other various equipment I gather ).My party doesn"t require one more meat ( metal ) shield, that is for certain.

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We"ve got a massive 7 player count and also the great majority of them are melee concentrated martial, magnificent and also arcane classes, so my thought wregarding go for a Beast stat block that had some even more energy objective to it: mostly leaning towards the concept of using the MS as a mount, but I"m having some issues without actually owning the publications ( Aside from the PHB ) so I was hoping you males might throw some fun suggestions at me for what Beastern stat block would be the majority of useful ( You deserve to even throw in a layout or look if you desire, I have my own general concepts but I"m still obviously working out the details ).Keep a few things in mind below, aside from my enormous party, our adendeavors are ensuing in the Forgotten Realms and mostly consisting of Underdark shenanigans! I recognize that the Underdark have the right to be a mixture of close-quarters caverns, fungal forests, and massive underground cities so I feel like any kind of sort of activity have the right to be perhaps useful...But the problem via trying to discover a Beastern that I can mount is in my huge, fat, sassy dwarven ass...! Ala lot of every one of the Beasts I looked at that have actually interesting movement or abilites can not lug my stout little bit Artificer ( even with the Bag of Holding I crafted at level 2, I"m still looking at about 240 lbs. of Dwarf and Equipment ) so I guess I"d need a Beast via at leastern 16 Strength to properly haul about my massive butt... I know there are a couple of Ox and also Cow floating around some of the publications yet I feel prefer their stat blocks don"t really carry out me through a lot besides a big meat ( metal ) shield that I have the right to pat my belly on while I fire off my Thunder Cannon.The Beastern stat blocks I had been mainly eyeing were the Giant Owl and also the Female Steeder -- yet the Giant Owl is much too low on muscle power to lug my warm dwarven bod across the skies to victory ( You are welcome for the visual ) and also the Female Steeder is JUST shy of the proper strength ( Curses! ) however I have the right to exceptionally easily gain my hands on some lighter armor in the brief sprint prior to I get my MS. Did you guys have actually any type of ideas or suggestions for cool Beastern stat blocks I can use? I have actually a general concept of just how I want the MS to be shaped and also designed, however feel free to share your concepts too! I appreciate any type of and also all responses males, thanks!
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