2Mm Mechanical Pencil Lead

Once you’re sure that 2.0 mm pencils are ideal for you, you’ll want some more pencil lead.

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Tbelow are a couple of brands that sell wide arrays of pencil lead, however I tfinish to stick through Staedtler out of halittle bit and also satisfactivity.

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Price: ~$10 for 12

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I think that HB is an excellent general function lead, but that most likely likewise comes from halittle. Back in Freshmale year of high school, we necessary an HB pencil and Pink Pearl eraser for the mandatory art appreciation class.

You deserve to buy pencil leads in smaller quantities, however generally they’re even more readily available in 12 packs. Staedtler’s 12 packs come via lead pointers.

Some technological pencils provide you the alternative of selecting the pencil grade on the pencil body itself. This makes it simpler to identify the pencil (sorry, lead holder) that you require, from among a number of on your desk.

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I point out this now, because some replacement lead packs, such as Staedtler’s 12 packs, come through end caps for your lead holder that are either color coded to assist differentiate the pencil grade.


You have the right to find comparisons online, such as this one from Staedtler, that present what you have the right to suppose to see from different pencil and lead hardness grades. But, they’re no substitute for seeing the distinctions firsthand. I can tell you that my 6H lines NEVER look that dark.


There’s an additional, smaller, lead tip alternative, by Uni Mitsubishi, for $8. It’s a lot smaller sized than the Staedtler rotating barrel-style pointer. I own both, and favor the Staedtler, yet the Uni is still great, and also is much even more portable.

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The Starter Set

Price: $9

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You can alternatively buy a starter set for $9, which comes via a lead holder, 2 refill leads, and also an eraser. It comes through spare 2H leads, the exact same as the standard lead holder, which need to I expect gives you extra time to figure out if you want to invest additionally into 2.0 mm pencil leads.

If you ask me, building your way right into the device is a much better option. But at $9, this “starter set” or “worth pack” isn’t also a lot even more expensive than simply the fundamental lead holder. You’ll need an eraser anymeans.