24k gold mechanical mod

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DotBling Exclusive

Limited Edition 24mm Cubic Zirconia installed dotMech.

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Only 200 units developed in total:100 Silver100 GoldPlease note: Units serialized from 001 to 100 for each shade.

Hand also crafted and exceptional. This beautiful 24mm mechanical mod boasts 1232 cubic zirconia stones, individually hand also set by a experienced jeweler over the course of 3 days.

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Created for the dotElite. 200 serialised devices complete made specially for the VIPs of the dotFam.

Features: Standard 24mm dotMech design1232 embedded cubic zirconia stones24k gold plated (Gold dotBling)925 sterling silver plated (Silver dotBling)Copper base inner materialLimited release quantityTwo excellent colors, silver and goldPeek insulation deckUpgraded contact buttonSerialised 001 to 100 (for each color)serial number: 092/100Includes: 
One (1) Limited Edition cubic zirconia dotBling 24mm mechanical modOne (1) dotmod drawer style box.One (1) additional springOne (1) allen keyOne (1) gold 510 friction fit drip tipCertificate of authenticity

This is a Limited Edition Product.

Only restricted a quantity available, get it while offers last.



Top Tips - Mechs Are Intfinished for State-of-the-art Users ONLY

We do not recommend structure listed below 0.2 OhmsAlmethods use an Ohms Reader to inspect resistance prior to usingFor low resistance builds usage high amp batteriesEncertain your battery wrap is intactEnsure your locking switch is set off once not in useStore your batteries safely in a situation, never before looseUse a specialized charger for batteriesNever leave charging batteries unattendedDispose of batteries responsiblyAvoid brief circuits by ensuring coils are set up as per manufacturer instructions

Battery / Amperage Guide (Do Not Exceed Limits):

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1.0 Ohms - 4.2A Amp Draw0.9 Ohms - 4.6A Amp Draw0.8 Ohms - 5.2A Amp Draw0.7 Ohms - 6.0A Amp Draw0.6 Ohms - 7.0A Amp Draw0.5 Ohms - 8.4A Amp Draw0.4 Ohms - 10A Amp Draw0.3 Ohms - 14A Amp Draw0.2 Ohms - 21A Amp Draw (RECOMMENDED LIMIT)0.1 Ohms - 42A Amp Draw (NOT RECOMMENDED)0.0 Ohms - BATTERY SHORT (DEFINITELY NOT RECOMMENDED)
The DotMod DotBLING - 24K GOLD Plated (Limited Edition - Mech Mod / Cubic Zirconia Stones) is far and also away, among our most famous items. The finest price through Mix & Match provides. People can not seem to get sufficient of it. Vape StateInventory Last Updated: Aug 16, 2021