2011 Ap Calculus Ab Multiple Choice

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Questions And Worked Solutions For AP Calculus AB Multiple Choice 2013 (Part B), Practice Exam, Questions 76 to 92

AP Calculus AB Multiple Choice 2013 Questions - Practice Exam (pdf)

The graph of the attribute f presented above consists of two line segments and a semicircle. Let g be identified byThe graph of the function f presented above consists of two line segments and also a semicircle. Let g be identified byLet f and g be continuous functions such thatThe figure over shows the graph of f", the derivative of the function f. If f(0) = 0, which of the following can be the graph of f ?For time t > 0, the place of a pwrite-up traveling alengthy a line is provided by a differentiable function s. If s is boosting for 0 ≤ t 2, which of the complying with is the complete distance the particle travels for 0 ≤ t ≤ 5?A cup of tea is cooling in a room that has actually a consistent temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit . If the initial temperature of the tea, at time t = 0 minutes, is 200 °F and also the temperature of the tea changes at the rate R(t) = -6.89e-0.053t degrees Fahrenheit per minute, what is the temperature, to the nearemainder level, of the tea after 4 minutes?The derivative of the attribute f is offered by f"(x) = x3 - 4 sin(x2) + 1. On the interval (-2.5, 2.5), at which of the adhering to worths of x does f have a loved one maximum?The table over gives schosen values for a continuous feature f. If f is boosting over the closed interval <0,3>, which of the adhering to could be the worth ofThe graph of a function f is shown in the figure over. Which of the following statements is true?
A particle moves along the x-axis so that at time t ≥ 0 its place is provided by x(t) = cos √t. What is the velocity of the pshort article at the first instance the particle is at the origin?If f"(x) > 0 for all x and f""(x) Let f be the attribute with initially derivative provided by f"(x) = (3 - 2x - x2) sin (2x - 3). How many kind of family member extrema does f have on the open interval -4 The graph of a twice-differentiable feature f is presented in the number above. Which of the following is true?What is the volume of the solid created as soon as the area bounded by the graph of x = √(y - 2) and also the lines x = 0 and y = 5 is rprogressed about the y-axis?The population P of a city grows according to the differential equation dP/dt = kP, where k is a consistent and t is measured in years. If the populace of the city doubles eextremely 12 years, what is the worth of k ?The feature f is constant andThe attribute f is defined for all x in the closed interval . If f does not acquire a maximum worth on , which of the following should be true?

AP Calculus AB Multiple Choice 2013 Practice Exam Questions and also Solutions Part A

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