2004 Honda Accord 6 Disc Cd Changer Mechanical Error

Your Accord’s audio mechanism is advanced enough to offer you some indevelopment if an error occurs throughout procedure. This indevelopment deserve to aid with troubleshooting, and also understanding why a disc might not play. Here’s a quick summary of the messeras you should know:

Heat Error – This is brought about by a high temperature in the disc player and also must go amethod once the unit cools off.

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Unsupported – This indicates that a track or file on the disc is not sustained or is protected.

Bad Disc Please Check Owner’s Manual Push Eject – This suggests that the disc should be ejected and inspected for damages.

Mech Error – This shows a mechanical error, frequently due to scratched, dirty or damaged discs.

Changer Error – Eject the disc, examine it, and refill it if it is undamaged and clean.

Check Disc Load – Eject and also refill the disc.

Bad Disc Please Check Owner’s Manual – This shows a trouble via the changer servo, and that the disc need to be rerelocated.

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