150 Grain Mechanical Broadhead

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I am tuned for the 150 grain VPA penetrator. And love it. However, I am wanting to include a mechanical to my lineup that is the exact same weight. Don"t really have an excusage, just desire to attempt it. I thought around adding a 50gn insert to the shaft and also a 100gn mechanical. But want to discover my options on the 150gn options first. Anyone through hefty mech broadhead suffer in here?
Your really limiting your choices. Replacing your inserts is a pain in the a%/. If you shoot gold tips you can include fact weights inside the shaft to the back of the insert, and also conveniently remove or include more as soon as ever before you desire.


I shoot 150gr heads and Also would choose a mechanical. I"ve been looking for the previous 3 years. Good luck. Tbelow isn"t much options. 165 gr bipolar is around it.

I don"t think there are many IMHO the whole factor the trend of mechanicals has actually become so excellent is civilization are shooting lighter arrows for more speed and also do not need that high FOC. SO a 150 mechanical is kinda" favor a footsphere bat. You"ll be better off adding the weight to the whole arrowhead or arrowhead reminder and going via a proven 100 or 125 grain head.
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. You"ll be much better off adding the weight to the entire arrowhead or arrow guideline and also going with a prstove 100 or 125 grain head.

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I would certainly forobtain about 150 grain broadheads all together. 125 grain would give you a ton even more alternatives for both addressed and also mech heads. I would simply acquire brand-new arrows and use a heavier outsert/insert.
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Do they still make weight collars ...........Or put together a couple of arrows through heavier inserts most likely the easiest method.
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